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Consumer Media Solutions

Pixel Forest

Broadcast Partners

  • In over 10 million homes

  • The world's first English and French channels to broadcast 100% fully accessible content with described video and closed captions

  • Over 800 hours of original programming

  • Canada's elite combat sports channel

  • Broadcasting live and classic fights from around the world

  • MMA, boxing, wrestling and traditional martial arts complemented by an extensive library of original content

  • Available in 6 million+ homes

  • Airing the most game show content in Canada

  • Competition based series

  • Double blockbuster movies every night

  • Home of choice esports, fantasy sports and sports wagering content for passionate fan bases worldwide

  • Includes over 2 hours per day of live betting content and other fast-paced, action-driven shows

  • Over 2.5 million subscribers

  • Canada's healtha nd wellness channel for women

  • Programming focused on exercise, relationships and general wellness

  • Canada's only TV network dedicated to the interested of the LGBTQ communities and its allies

  • See favourites such as RuPaul combined with a very large offering of original programming

Pixel Forest

Out Of Home Partners

Canada's Health Media Network

  • Digital screens in medical waiting rooms and hospitals

  • Over 1,300 locations across Canada

  • Reach 1 million+ Canadians weekly

  • Reach 14% of all Canadians (18+) monthly

C-Store - Powerwall

  • Dominating signage behind check-out

  • Over 1,700 locations from Quebec to B.C.

  • Primarily 8'w x 3'h in size

C-Store - Digital

  • Screen Network in 800+ locations in Ontario

  • 32" screens located behind check-out counter

C-Store - Impact/Flash Posters

  • Over 1,000 locations nationally

  • Options include Impact (4'w x 6'h) and Flash (24"w x 32"h)

Pixel Forest

Out Of Home Examples

Digital Screens

Eyeshot Media
Digital Screen and Power Wall

Eyeshot Media
Impact Poster

Pixel Forest

Print Partners

Family Fun Guide

Make sure your family friendly attraction makes the top of the to-do list this Summer.
100,000 copies are distributed in June.

Field Trip Guide

Showcase your organization's unique school program in the annual Toronto Star Classroom Connection Field Trip Guide.
20,000 copies are distributed in September.

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